November 30, 2012

It’s not good news on the FMS-300T, I’m afraid. It’s pretty clear it’s been designed for one purpose only: to bag the ‘smallest, lightest’ label. It achieves this, but only by a couple of grammes compared to the 116T (also made by Fire Maple), and at a cost of reduced stability and poor (non)performance. The 116T is a much better stove, and it’s cheaper too.

I’ve yet to get the stove to boil a mug of water. It fires up fine but the flame then dwindles and goes out, as though the cannister is empty (which it isn’t). If I subsequently screw on a cheapie <£10 stove I have lying around, I can boil water fine. The FMS-300T refuses to work until it cools right down, leading me to assume this problem is something to do with it overheating (in the short time that the 300T will sustain a flame, it gets so hot that it becomes almost untouchable). I’ve played around with various flow rates, taken the stove apart and put it back together again, but the result’s always the same.

All very odd. I assume I’ve got a dud (they can’t all be doing this, right?) but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the design. Think I’ll be sticking with my remote gas stove for now…