May 15, 2013

The young Mongol herdsman came cantering in on his pony at 8pm to check me out. Basheng told me I was the first foreigner they’d seen in this area, and he was interested in my kit. Not unusual; I’ve been offered quite large sums of money for stoves in the past. He was concerned I was going to be too cold, and was inviting me to stay the night with him and his parents, in the homestead I’d passed earlier further down the valley. Tugging the flysheet hem of the Moment, he pursed his lips; “Too high, not low enough…” And he’s right!

I actually do like the Moment. It handles wind surprisingly well when nailed down as in the top picture. I’d reinforced weak peg points at each end by weighing down my axe and pole with rocks, and the new MSR cordlocks I picked up in HK do a good job of tensioning the side guys. The extra peg point I had added to the door panel stops it swinging in and dumping water/snow into the inner tent when you zip it open.

However, when allied with a marginal sleeping bag, it’s just too cold in the conditions I’m experiencing here. The little red Tiger Moth (pictured last year) is not perfect, but the flysheet comes down lower, and the two-skin design means it’s warmer. Two entrances, more internal space, fewer issues with condensation raining down on me. Weight penalty? About 800g.

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